2012-11-09 武义锋 安徽万瑞冷电科技有限公司

DN900LN2 型低温泵的研制

武义锋 徐中堂

(中国电子科技集团公司第十六研究所安徽万瑞冷电科技有限公司 合肥 230088)

  Abstract The DN900LN2 cryopump is described in this paper, which cooling capacity is provided by cryocooler and liquid-N2.This paper mostly discusses the operating principle, the structure design, the heat load compute and the specification testing.Now the cryopump has applied to environment simulation of one spaceflight research institute,and it’s every specification such as cool down time, pumping speed, pumping capacity and vacuum fully satisfy all the demands.

  Keywords Cryopump,Liquid-N2,Cryocooler,Radiation shield,Adsober array,Heat load

  摘要 介绍了一种DN900LN2 型低温泵。该低温泵依靠低温制冷机和液氮同时提供冷量来进行低温冷凝和低温吸附,文中主要论述了其工作原理、结构设计、热负荷计算、性能测试结果等。该泵已经应用于环境模拟设备上了,其降温时间、抽气速度、抽气容量、真空度等各项性能标完全满足要求。

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